Rising Dissent

by Rebirth



Rising Dissent: A Reflection on Social Dissent Within Australia.

Rebirth is:
Tyronne - Vocals
James - Drums
Rory - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Brad - Bass

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Kent at Kindred Studios, Sept 2015.
Mastered by Jacob Munnery at Clockwork Mastering, Oct 2015.


released December 14, 2015



all rights reserved


life lair regret records Melbourne, Australia

The only music with a pulse is music that's a threat - Chokehold

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Track Name: Burn
The threads shrivel and burn. From this act of defiance we must learn.Our claim to land and country is false and empty. No allegiance to this racist identity . Our flag is founded on oppression and genocide. It is the embodiment of a legacy of lies. The flames will purify a white washed ignorance. THE LIES WILL BURN. The infection is still thriving while we drape the veil over our eyes. Do not be deceived, our history should be despised. From the flames, truth will emerge and the lies will…BURN. Nothing’s more barbaric than the hatred you show. Your privilege is all you'll ever know.
Track Name: Wreaths
The crows depart a winter sky. Thousands march with fear in their eyes. We feast on the fruit, planted long ago. Biting into the fear, Humanities blood flows. The flowers of hatred, wreathed upon our heads. Fear of change, fear of death Those appealing for decency are painted red. For many compassion has long since fled. Indoctrinated by systematic prejudice. Freedom of speech, freedom of hatred. Believing our convictions are always sacred. Our compassion must shine to those in the dark. Not to allow hatred to leave its mark. Fighting for our cause, to die with our sanity. Hatred of others will lessen our morality. The wheel of suffering is always turning. While mans hate continues burning. We all suffer the same fate. Death. Regret.