Demonstration Tape 2016

by Crush The Demoniac



Hare Krishna, four tracks of late Cro Mags worship from Melbourne devotees.


released July 11, 2016



all rights reserved


life lair regret records Melbourne, Australia

The only music with a pulse is music that's a threat - Chokehold

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Track Name: Proud To Say I Told You So
Hardly a profit, no gift of foresight
You've Succumbed to the obvious , on your pity party nights.
A beverage for the staunch , most likely to succeed , yet busy fucking crying on your scuffed bleeding knees
Open your eyes an see the signs
A search for the light, only leaves you blind
Lavaithans reign an crushing grip devours your soul, an your pushed to sip
Abstinenant ladder climbers at full collapse , re start the cycle that your social scene lacks
Oxygen thieves , with friends on their knees, I lift a beverage to those likely to succeed
drop of the inevitable , no doubt you'll be eating crow
New lifestyle new wardrobe, proud to say I told you so
Track Name: Kalki
No life behind those eyes
We follow obedient, absent of mind
Ignorant , obsessed with our disguise
Materials, to latch on to our lies
True faith is money
And God can only remain dead
Babylon only left with a singe
Forever prospers ahead
The age of hedonism,juxtaposed by compliance, devours everything
We constantly vocal, yet say nothing of worth.
A penny for your thoughts
Drop a fortune ,to hear sweet fuck all
.. Will a crescendo announce omega
Or remain silent again
Track Name: Count Your Bleesings
Count your blessings, count the sheep in ya life, no sleep coming from idol thought or the strife . Empty gestures only feed the glutinous beasts. Devils forged with sharpened teeth...
Does nothing for my betrayal , my apathy , I count your blessings (123)I can clearly see
but fully lost my way. And I laugh at back peddling on the choice I have made
Become the monster, detach the reality.. Why fuck with something I've done so successfully . Got an arsenal of excuses , an easy way back .. and a laughter track
Sentient, is a sentiment I have conveniently removed my thoughts .. Hypocrite glassy eyed over his youths battles fought
( plagiarism of a plagiarism )
Count them blessings,
Track Name: Mercenary
Crushed by by the cold hands
Within Babylons grasp
Stared down by Devils
In friendship masks
Olive branch gestures
Infected with poison seeds
Not how I can help you
It's what you can do for me
Camaraderie, curse an a smile
Solidarity for a little while
I and I overstand , substance and style
Weak willed sycophants in denial
We all are guilty
Soul survivors are mercenary
Pledge false fealty
Every man an adversary
(We must all Crush The Demoniac)
Care for my own, me , and mine
Self preservation a state of mind
Mercenary , I see the signs *
No ones ambitions are blind