Denial​/​Blinded Split

by Denial / Blinded



Four tracks showcasing the new breed of Perth and Melbourne.
Denial from Perth follow up their 2016 EP, Condemned To Repeat building on their strong 90s sound similar to bands like Turmoil, Buried Alive and Indecision. Blinded instead take their cues from 00s metalcore like Martyr AD, I Killed The Prom Queen and Poison The Well.


released July 17, 2016



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life lair regret records Melbourne, Australia

The only music with a pulse is music that's a threat - Chokehold

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Track Name: Rage & Hate - Denial
Animosity takes a hold of me and refuses to release.
Can't continue down this road of rage fuelled anxiety.
Is this how it's meant to be?
But I'm not the one who's bleeding on the front line for what they believe in.
Call it what you want but answering with hate will only cause more pain.
Still it won't change a thing.
The closed minded will continue to sing,
and the voice grows with every passing day,
that we allow the rhetoric and spite to stain.
Dig up the hatchets,
bury the truth.
Track Name: In Your Hell - Blinded
Though you know. You know I'll be back again, words written so well, together we've fallen from heaven and earth, I'll drown in your hell.
Cross your heart, you can feel me in your eyes. The future forms in moments, as the last few die.
It's hard to say goodbye.
Goodbyes never meant a thing to me, and I know it hurt you. Push back into my chest, I know I hurt you.
Stop me talking now, move me, hold me now, let's stop talking now, kiss me away now.
Kiss me away, wish granted too late anyway, So far away, keep telling yourself that anyway.
Stop me talking now, move me, hold me now, let's stop talking now,
Kiss me away now.