by Rebirth



Rebirth’s past releases have had a heavy lyrical focus on social justice issues, and Crucible continues in this vein. The album explores current hot-button issues of asylum seeker policy (Fortified Walls), environmental degradation (Haemoptysis), engendered racism (Fractured), the prevalence of misogyny and rape culture (Lilith) and a range of other topics with thoughtful lyrics to designed to provoke debate and change.


released March 7, 2016



all rights reserved


life lair regret records Melbourne, Australia

The only music with a pulse is music that's a threat - Chokehold

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Track Name: Cast Your Stones
Wearing masks, blank as stone. Humanity's hatred, too often known.
Throw our victims into the lion’s den.
Bled from their wounds, time and time again.
Victims placed on the sacrificial altar. Hungry eyes awaiting the slaughter.
Judged and condemned. Never a chance to defend.
Sentenced. Stoned to death.
No sense of accountability, this ugly side of humanity.
Take off the mask, after you've cast your stones.
Look in the mirror, feel guilt to your bones.
You judge and condemn. Sentenced, with never a chance to defend.
For all the damage done. Was it worth it?
Track Name: Lilith
Words unsaid are louder in the silence. Screaming, knowing our compliance.
The bitten tongue, bleeds of guilt. Our sense of moral direction wilts.
A pain we will never feel, never given a chance to heal.
In the hands (of those) no different to our own.
Systemic oppression, objectified obsession. Still many viewed as a possession.
The pain ignored, will intensify. Accepted norms, few are willing to defy.
Lilith was punished for having her own mind. Seen as sin, time after time.
Bearers of the womb suffer this fate. Will they escape this oppressive hate?
Exiled from sanctuary. We enable this reality.
Track Name: Blood & Ash
Violence and abuse by the hand that nurtures. Devoid of love, a life that tortures.
Instilled dysfunction from their birth. Family ties, a binding curse.
A hell created by those who should know better.
Violent storms, no child should weather. Searching for someone to hold.
Children burning in flames of rage, the ashes of trauma is their fate.
Innocence incinerates. Humanity rears its ugly head.
Children cut from family ties to escape their misery,
their own worth, I hope they see.
A crushing sadness holds them down. We must reach out before they drown.
The family tree burns to the ground.
Track Name: Execution
A noose and a bullet leading to an end. A parody of justice, illusions of strength.
Corpses on display, showing the might of a nation.
Another blatant form of state intimidation.
Crimes committed, pray for mercy. Justice asserted, justice perverted.
State sanctioned murder is not a solution.
Our morality, our decency, our sanity destined for execution.
Two wrongs will never make a right.
Blood spilled, guilty and innocent alike.
Are the watching gods crying tears of blood?
Raining again, we rot in the mud.
Track Name: Fortified Walls
The veil of secrecy seems to have no end. A corrosion of justice outwardly extends.
Casting its shadow to all who cry in defiance. Choking the voiceless further into silence.
Martyring the purveyors of humanity. A craven instinct to crush transparency.
Fortified walls of barbs and wire. Crimes of war again transpire.
Imprison the victims. Silence the saviors.
Sacrificing the innocent, to appease the corrupt. A legacy of pain, what we construct.
Screams of suffering fall on ears of stone. These seeds of hatred have split and grown.
Troubled waters, guilty of torture.
Track Name: Damnation
Man walks the path of the damned.
Track Name: Haemoptysis
In the age of man the hour is late. Our doom approaches, we seal our fate.
Man never seems to learn or care. No escape from this despair.
Man rose from the cradle of life. Forgetting its origins, he raises the knife.
Concreted earth, smoke chokes the sky. We can’t be saved, Gaia continues to cry.
As cancer is to the body, humanity is to the earth.
Climbing above instinct, man reaches for the worst. Our only goal to satisfy our unquenchable thirst.
Denial and self-interest, mask the realization. We look towards our doom and see our reflection.
If we are the disease, where is our cure? As cancer is to the body, humanity is to the earth.
We are feasting on Gaia’s sons and daughters. Ceaseless consumption and slaughter.
The natural world is helpless against our industrial fist. Our ignorance will never bring us bliss.
Track Name: Sober Living For The Revolution
Straight Edge, a commitment, a statement of intent.
See horrors of addiction with razor sharp contempt.
Abstinence from poisons that lead to apathy.
I will use this mark as a torch to light the way. I will use this clear mind to imagine better days.
But you betray your motives with the selfish things you say.
This is a resistance to unquestioning acceptance.
A rejection of herd mentality, a culture of mediocrity.
This is a refusal to accept the world that has been handed down. I REFUSE.
The militancy, intolerance and blind self righteousness.
These are shackles, leaving our oaths empty and powerless.
The value of straight edge is in the positive changes we can make.
I reject your poisons and your dogma. I will never be like you. this is a promise to myself.
Track Name: Fractured
solated, a culture unseen. Alienated, torn from the family tree. Praying for a white wash that never came.
My skin burned, I writhed in flames. Finally healed, internalized guilt. My identity covered in silt.
"Take the knife to my flesh, the very sight of it, I detest". Thoughts from a child bearing my name.
FRACTURED. Racism ingrained. Ingrained, maintained.
Judged by the shade of my skin. The pain burns further in, splintering as glass inside.
The agony I can no longer hide. I am nothing more than a fractured self.
My skin, my shame. This skin, this shame.
Track Name: 1948
The autonomy of freedom stripped away. Without rights, no more than a slave.
Barriers, physical and in the mind. Oppressive division, oppressive crime.
Forced value of skin, a hellish sin. Guilt and self-hate becomes innate.
Trapped in social purgatory. Systematic hatred is mandatory.
Damned by the blood in their veins. Coloured, destined to be shamed.
A nation's flower dies in freedom's absence.
With people’s raised fist in political defiance.
Chained and silenced the outspoken, a spark of defiance was awoken.
Set fire to the system of supremacy. A man’s long walk to freedom, now a legacy.
Track Name: Wreaths
Crows depart a winter sky. Thousands march with fear in their eyes.
We feast on the fruit, planted long ago.
Biting into the fear, humanity’s blood flows.
The flowers of hatred, wreathed upon our heads. Fear of change, fear of death.
Those appealing for (human) decency are painted red.
For many compassion has long since fled. Indoctrinated by systematic prejudice.
Freedom of speech, freedom of hatred.
Believing our convictions are always sacred.
Our compassion must shine to those in the dark.
Not to allow hatred’s mark.
Fighting for our cause, to die with our sanity.
Hatred of others will lessen our morality.
The wheel of suffering is always turning, while man’s hate continues burning.
We all suffer the same fate.
Track Name: Desecration/Regeneration
When I compare myself to you, I stray from my path.
When I compare myself to you, I deny my self worth.
When I compare myself to you, I reduce my self to nothing.
When I compare myself to you, I am my own betrayer.
Why do I commit this violence against myself?
I am my own validation, my own sense of wealth.
Naked and afraid, scared of the sobering realization,
that I need nothing more than my own conviction.
Track Name: Crucible
How can we live in continued silence if our conscience screams in defiance?
Time is a circle, we repeat our sins.
Born in the image of the mother and father.
Contained legacies, each generation chooses their martyr.
Ignorance and fear continues the chain of indifference.
The torch of liberation is extinguished by our sufferance.
Existence. Sufferance. Silence.
Time is a circle, we repeat our sins. Oppress, maim and murder all living things.
How can we live in continued silence if our conscience screams in defiance?
Time is a circle, we repeat our sins.
Confined to flesh, man is blessed. Confined to flesh, released from our pain.
Our lips fall silent again.
The legacies our actions leave behind.
Will weather the cold eroding judgment of time.
When we lay to rest, bodies embalmed in stone.
The sum of our deeds, the sum of our lives, will be known.